The Ultimate Guide to Garage Door Torsion Springs

The Ultimate Guide to Garage Door Torsion Springs

As part of a garage door opening system, torsion springs are responsible for the smooth functioning of your garage door. These small but effective springs lift the garage door by twisting it up when you press the button or remote control. Over time, these metal springs tend to stretch and lose their ability to twist. When that happens, you won’t be able to open and close your garage door manually or with an automatic opener. Fortunately, replacing a broken or malfunctioning torsion spring is not too complicated. You just need patience and the right tools to complete it in no time. This ultimate guide covers everything you need to know about replacing torsion springs in your residential garage doors.

The Ultimate Guide to Garage Door Torsion Springs

What’s the role of a torsion spring?

A torsion spring acts as a lifting mechanism to open and close a garage door. It is an essential part of a garage door opener system called a “chain-and-spider.” Most garage doors have steel torsion springs connected to your door’s header. It has a steel cable inside a protective casing that runs through a series of “rollers” attached to the garage door. The torsion spring is wound up and attached to an “end-bearing” on the opposite side. The spring looks like a long, flat piece of metal with coils on each side. Every time you press the remote button or manually pull the cable, the spring tenses up to lift the door. The garage door comprises two panels, each with a torsion spring. The springs are responsible for lifting the panels and keeping them there until they are manually lowered again.

How to spot a broken torsion spring?

Broken garage door torsion springs in Sacramento is a serious issue that can put your family at risk. A broken torsion spring can often be noticed only if you are replacing it. If you are in doubt, it is best to replace the spring. Here are a few signs of a broken spring:

  1. If the spring is not attached to the rollers and door, it is broken,
  2. If the spring does not get tightened, it is likely broken,
  3. If the spring is bent or twisted, it is broken,
  4. If the spring rusts or breaks, it is broken,
  5. If the spring moves with your hand, it is broken, and
  6. If the spring is cracked, it is broken.

Torsion Spring Replacement Cost

Replacing a torsion spring does not come cheap, especially if you hire a professional for the task. However, it is a long-term investment that is worth spending a few hundred dollars to protect your family members. Replacing a torsion spring also makes sense if you want to continue using the existing garage door. You can purchase a brand-new torsion spring online or from a nearby hardware store. Torsion springs are available in different sizes and strengths to fit different garage door models. They can be ordered online or purchased from a nearby hardware store. The average cost of replacing a torsion spring is between $30 and $150. The cost of labor to install a new spring varies and depends on the complexity of the task.


The garage is sometimes the most neglected and least cared-for room in the house. It’s where people store their cars, lawn tools, and other things they don’t use very often. The garage door is a very important part of the whole system and is subject to wear and tear just like everything else. The springs are especially exposed to the elements because of their location. The garage door torsion springs are the ones that open and close the door. When they break, replacement is the only option. This article is an ultimate guide to everything you need to know about replacing torsion springs in your residential garage doors.

Pay the Canyon Ridge garage door cost for enjoying Peace of Mind

Replacement of garage doors can completely transform the look of your property and give it a fresh look. For example, those who like the rustic style should consider installing carriage garage doors in their properties. The design is suitable for any kind of home. They may also improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. Carriage-style garage doors will make a garage seem like being in a storybook. Pricing for the Canyon Ridge garage door cost can be found online.

How New Garage Doors can Help a property increase in value?

Purchasing new garage doors or completely renovating them does more than improving the property’s aesthetics. They can help increase the energy efficiency of a garage. Paying the Canyon Ridge garage door cost will ensure that cold air is trapped inside the house every summer, enabling California households to save money on air conditioning expenditures.

Because of powerful lines, timeless look, and solid construction, carriage-style garage doors give Californian homes the perfect appearance. Another feature is these specific garage doors do not contain a track as they swing outwards. The absence of a track is advantageous for some homeowners who dislike its appearance.

Appearing Like Barn Doors

Are you constructing a new home and looking for a unique finishing touch? Then choose carriage-style garage doors to make your garage appear like a barn. The characteristics of carriage-style garage doors are:

  • While carriage doors swing open with large handles, they rise and shut like regular garage doors and use the same garage opener.
  • They show planking crisscrossed in the style of a rustic barn.
  • The refinement of a barn-style garage door is combined with the functionality of a modern garage door.
  • Handles are Large
  • Windows Inserts are Designed Intricately

Can Just the Garage Door be Changed?

Yes, a homeowner or a building owner can purchase and have just one panel of a garage door replaced. It is critical to ensure that the remaining garage door is in good working order to get this done. However, the entire door may have to be replaced if it hasn’t been maintained well.

Canyon Ridge garage doors are made from environmentally friendly materials. Customers can be sure that these doors will be made from sustainable material. All environmental regulations are strictly followed while constructing these unique doors.

Companies Install and Repair Garage Doors

Top garage door businesses in California may install new garage doors and repair them. Installation and repair work may be completed acceptably regardless of the garage door brand. Customers can seek their advice while deciding which doors to purchase. After all, the most crucial factor to consider while selecting one is the safety factor.

A malfunctioning garage door can be potentially harmful. Individuals who use such doors regularly risk the potential of damage. Consider the danger visible if the garage door unexpectedly opened while trying to park an automobile. Professionals may utilize the appropriate tools to guarantee that problems are permanently resolved.


Customers who purchase Canyon Ridge garage doors from reputable vendors can be assured that they will work well for several years.

5 Tips for Hiring the Right Garage Door Installation Company

When it comes to garage door installation, finding a reputable, highly rated company can be difficult but it is well worth your time and effort. You want an experienced company with a reputation for providing quality service at an affordable price. It’s critically important that you know what to look for when hiring a new garage door company because the result of hiring the wrong people can be costly and dangerous.

Do Your Due Diligence 

When choosing a garage door service company, dig deep! This means seeking out and verifying critical information. Any reputable garage door repair company will have a physical address listed online so we recommend that you always verify this address using Google Maps. Suspicious companies will often list fake addresses to avoid being tracked down. 


A reliable company will also have a website. Having a poorly built website is one thing, but you should be skeptical if there’s no site at all. Some companies have a stronger web presence than others but it’s not smart to do business with one that has no online footprint. Furthermore, be cautious of companies that come up first on Google searches. Many disreputable companies spend enormous amounts of money to come up first in Internet searches. 

Browse Online Reviews

Go online and check out the company’s reviews. Google, Facebook, and Angi are good places to look for positive or negative reviews and to see how a company responds to the feedback they receive from their customers. Make sure to search for examples of their service work, not just door replacement pictures. 


One of the best things you can do is check with the Better Business Bureau and look at a company’s rating and reports. Ratings scale from F to A+ and you can access reviews and complaints. If a company has been accredited for a long period of time and has a strong rating, then you can be sure they’re reliable and well respected in the industry. All of this information combined should give you a good idea of whether the company is genuine and how they’re viewed by the industry.

Shop Locally

A company owner who is working with their neighbors wants to maintain a great reputation so a company with strong community relationships is likely to be a reputable organization. A local company is more likely to stand behind their work because they are part of the community. You can also feel good about supporting the local economy when you choose a locally owned business.

Ask About Warranties

Does the garage door company offer manufacturer’s warranties or other guarantees? When a company has expertise in the field, there is no reason for them to not stand behind what they offer. Make sure the company you choose for your garage door repair or installation will stand behind their work by asking about warranties. This will become especially important if something goes wrong in the future. You should avoid a company that is unwilling to guarantee their products and services.

Keep an Eye Out for Red Flags

Some examples of red flags include:

  • Excessive advertising. Reputable companies do not rely on excessive advertising designed to get their tech to be the first and only technician in your home. You may end up paying for advertising expenses that have nothing to do with your door repair or installation.
  • A lack of licensing or insurance. Disreputable companies will sometimes use subcontractors with no license or experience. You should always make sure the garage door service company you choose is licensed and insured. This is why it’s important to go to the BBB website and search their name. 
  • Bad first impressions. When someone arrives to handle your garage door installation or repair, looking at the truck and the technician’s uniform and/or ID can offer another clue about whether you’re dealing with a reputable garage door service company. Does the company name, address, and phone number match the original garage door company you contacted? Is the truck clean, neat, and well organized?


Haney Door Service started in 1964 with just $700 and a truck. Today, we continue the tradition of excellence in the garage door industry by providing affordable, customizable garage door solutions throughout the Sacramento Valley. Our team has the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose the problems you are having with your garage door; handle any needed garage door repairs, or install your new garage doors. Give us a call, or visit our website today for a free estimate from the garage door experts you can trust!

How to Find the Best Garage Door Repair Service in ELK Grove?

Garage doors are essential parts of any home or business because they keep things safe from intruders and weather conditions. If your garage door isn’t working correctly or if it’s making strange noises, then you should contact a professional immediately to get it repaired before anything worse happens. Do need help finding the best one? Well, If you happen to live in the city and need to find the best garage door repair in ELK Grove, then this infographic is here to help.

Benefits of Appointing a Commercial Overhead Door Repair Service Provider

Businesses that use an overhead garage door might need maintenance and repair from time to time. This leaves the owners with two options/; either apply some quirky DIY methods or call a professional and get the job done. If you think DIY is going to save you money then, hold on! Let’s have a look at the benefits a commercial overhead door repair service brings you and then make an informed decision.

Save Your Time and Money

For all the people who are thinking that DIY will save you money, what if we said that the commercial overhead repair of door professionals is more cost-efficient. Why? If you are planning to do the repairs on your own, you will surely apply the trial and error technique, and that might cost you a lot more money down the road if you make the problem worse.

They Will Make Sure to Use the Latest Equipment For Repairing

Commercial overhead repair companies keeps up to date on the latest technologies and how efficiently they can help their customers. Purchasing professional equipment is an investment in their lively hood and you wouldn’t want to buy the right tools just so you can make a one time repair.

They Have a Team of Experts That Can Detect a Hidden Problem Easily

Hiring a professional overhead door repair company to do the job will help you get rid of all the issues at once, as professionals know everything about their field and can detect problems immediately after diagnosing them. We are sure your quirky DIY won’t be helpful if you don’t know the root cause of the problem and how to fix it correctly.

They Also Help You Decrease the Risk of Hurting Yourself or Others

A major advantage of calling in a professional is that you save yourself or the employees in your company from getting hurt. Which ultimately can save you lots of money.  DIY methods are helpful but only when the job is small. If you think the job can be dangerous and hurt people, it’s just taking a risk for nothing. We always recommend you consider the pros and cons of doing anything and taking risks for yourself or others associated with you. If you do the right thing, you will save others from getting hurt, save some money in the long run by hiring a professional.

After all the benefits you now know, we are sure you will drop the idea of a DIY session and focus on researching for the best service provider. If you still think that DIY is better, we recommend you watch a few videos and look at how much is involved. After you have made a decision to hire someone, it will be time to start researching for the best service provider, which is precisely when we come in. You can call us to inquire any time and learn more about our services.


Commercial Overhead Doors and The Benefits They Provide in Sacramento

The commercial overhead doors you choose for your business make a big difference in many ways. For one thing, it’s what people first notice about your facility, and high-quality overhead doors quickly add the right aesthetics and value to your building. Even better, this is one of the most used pieces in business, and your day can easily be ruined if the door doesn’t work. One of the best additions to commercial overhead doors is insulation. This should be considered when a healthy and energy efficient work environment is needed. Let’s look at the advantages of choosing a commercial overhead door in Sacramento over other options-


  1. Easy Access – Unlike traditional doors that open inside, overheaddoors are lifted upwards. This gives entrepreneurs more This is especially useful if you need extra space to load or unload quickly. In fact, if you need parking space, there is enough space to accommodate the vehicle. It can also be used to access the premises with heavy equipment such as forklifts, plows and tractors.


  1. ExcessiveSecurity – Your office must be easily accessible and at the same time provide unbeatable With commercially available overhead doors, you can be confident of the security. Doors are meticulously designed to be tightly closed and sealed to provide the strength and robustness expected of high quality commercial overhead doors. Opening and closing are as easy as using a key or door opener that responds to the touch of a button.


  1. Reliable and Durable – Commercial Overhead Doorsare made of a variety of highly durable materials, so they can withstand the challenges of time and withstand the rigors of everyday use. In particular, these doors are designed to withstand scratches, bumps and all other types of  They remain strong for years and require little or no maintenance.


  1. Larger and More Versatile Space -Another great advantage of the cross-section door is its versatility. These doors allow for a quick and easy transition from inside to  For example, a cross-section door leading to the patio connects the inside and the outside while providing immediate access to fresh air and sunlight. The result is a much larger, more versatile space that looks great.


  1. Provides Very Necessary Insulation -As mentioned above, most overhead doors are constructed of a mixture of foam and metal to provide insulation against cold and heat. Basically, they keep the heat inside and prevent cold air from entering the commercial building through the door. Therefore, the internal temperature is more stable. And that means less energy consumption and therefore lower electricity bills.


Commercial Overhead doors are an integral part of any enterprise. When quality and durability are priorities, Haney Door Service offers the best solution. See our selection of sectional and spiral doors in Sacramento. We have been servicing the region for many years with an emphasis on quality and responsiveness. When we make a promise, we keep it to the end. Just call us and we’ll get back to you shortly. With us, you can be rest assured that you are working with technicians who understand the nuances of commercial overhead doors.

6 Reason You Should Get An Aluminum Garage Door Installed Today!

Modern aluminium garage doors can be an excellent investment for homeowners. It’s an important safety feature, and it will give your home curb appeal. But there are many reasons why you should invest in an aluminum garage door instead of another material. Here are some of the top benefits to investing in an aluminum garage door:

What No One Tells You About Hiring Overhead Door Companies

It is a well-known fact that overhead garage doors can be one of the most expensive investments you will make in your house. They are also one of the most important sections of the house as they keep your property, like vehicles, safe and they protect your home from easily being broken into. There are also several benefits associated with having a well-insulated overhead garage door.  

These benefits include a more comfortable ride, better protection from weather conditions, as well as better security. All these benefits come with a price and with that price comes the importance of hiring a professional to repair an overhead garage door. The benefits mentioned above are all interdependent and none of them can be fully realized without the proper tools, materials and training. Hire a Roseville overhead door company, and get the job done right the first time!

What are the benefits of hiring professionals for garage door repairs?

One of the major benefits of hiring a Roseville overhead door company is the ability to complete repairs much faster than the average homeowner. Because of their training, tools, proper parts on hand and experience, professional repair specialists have the knowledge and expertise required to complete all garage door repairs within a given time frame. Some homeowners believe that if they are spending money on a professional service, they should not bother to do small maintenance jobs themselves. Although doing small maintenance jobs on your garage doors will help you save money, it is better to have your garage doors repaired by a professional in the first place.

Another reason to hire a professional to repair your overhead garage door is because there are many parts in your garage door which are extremely fragile. These parts are often made out of delicate materials which can easily get broken if not repaired or maintained properly. The damage caused to these parts can also mean that if they are not properly replaced, they can cause greater problems for the person operating the garage door. Sometimes, the damage that is caused by broken parts can even be fatal. Therefore, the need to have your garage doors repaired by a professional is more than just an economical one.

It is highly important to keep your garage door in good condition. Over time, some garage doors may start to become slightly unstable. This can easily be caused by wear and tear or problems with the hinges. If the hinges become loose or begin to stick after a period of time, then it may be time for a professional to repair your garage door. This will ensure that it continues to work correctly for many years to come.

Final Take

If you want to have your garage door repaired quickly, then it is recommended that you work with a company that specializes in repairing garage doors. A professional company will be able to repair your garage door in no time at all, so you do not have to wait until the problem gets even worse and then costs more to fix later. Some homeowners mistakenly attempt to repair their own garage door. However, this can be dangerous since the garage door may become damaged during the repair process. A professional will know exactly what to do to make sure that the garage door is stable and in proper working order. For more information, call (916) 534-4538.

7 common garage door problems that needs professional attention

A garage door is something you never think about until it starts acting up and you realize it’s not fine! Well, you should know that everything in your house requires proper maintenance, especially if you want them to work longer. So, if you think there could be garage door problems that need to be addressed, then calling the best garage door repair service company can be the best way to having long-term garage door reliability.

Top 5 Signs You Must Call the Best Overhead Door Company in Sacramento CA

Garage doors are one way to make your home or business look more appealing. It’s the first thing people see when they come into your space, so using this entranceway can help them feel welcomed and appreciated. Many homeowners use their garages as everyday entrances because it’s easier than going outside. Still, there is also a downside. Over time, these extra uses will wear down components faster, leading to new garage door repair before too long.

A garage door is an essential part of your home’s security. If it stops working, you need to call Overhead Door Company in Sacramento, CA, as soon as possible. They will fix the problem and provide maintenance tips that can save time when troubleshooting problems like this one again later on down the road.

Do you know that most people have started using their garage doors as their main entrance point? Yes, they like getting in and out of their business or house through this door for convenience. It is the main reason some over head garage doors have started opening and closing more times a day. Do you know that it could adversely affect the lifespan of your garage doors since the wear and tear of its components will start occurring at a faster pace?