Fall Maintenance Tips

Fall is almost upon us and with it brings the changing of the leaves, the first hints of cooler weather, and all sorts of projects to wrap up before the upcoming frigid winter. In the colder months, your garage door acts as a barrier between weather elements and the interior which means fall is the perfect time for some garage maintenance to keep it in working order and spare you from costly, time-consuming repairs during the colder months. Here are some tips you can put into play now that will save you time and money when winter hits.

Inspect the Tracks & Cables

During the summer months, the door can take a beating from all the activity in your home so you’ll want to start maintenance by inspecting the tracks on both sides of the door to make sure they are free of debris and rust. The cables and pulley system should also be in good condition to support the weight of your garage door. Look out for cords with worn-out or fraying strands.

Inspect the Springs

Next, you’ll want to examine your door’s rollers and springs for damage, over-stretching, and other signs of wear and tear. Your garage door spring can continue to function efficiently for up to 10,000 cycles of closing and opening. If the spring is faulty, using the opener may lead to further damage so do not attempt to open the door if you suspect the spring is broken.  At Haney Door Service, we recommend calling a technician immediately if you think you have a broken spring. 

Make Sure Your Garage is Tightly Sealed

Visually inspect your garage door for places where light may be seeping in from outside and repair accordingly to minimize the elements from entering your garage. Listen or feel for air drafts along your garage door and repair them with the weatherstripping or sealant appropriate for your garage door material. The corners, bottom, and sides of your garage door are most prone to letting in cold air, ice, and pests so the door must also have adequate weather-stripping at the bottom. It’s best to replace the entire stripping if it has broken down.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

Make sure all the parts are well lubricated up and the bolts are nice and tight. Friction on rollers and the tracks can cut down the lifespan of your garage opener. Garage door professionals recommend lubricating with silicone or lithium-based grease. Use a grease spray for an accurate application. You can apply oil on rusty parts of the torsion springs to stop further corrosion. If the opener has a drive chain, you can also spray lubricant on it. However, you should not lubricate the belt drive. Garage door manufacturers recommend lubricating your garage door twice a year to keep it efficient.


Maintaining your garage thoroughly this fall season can be a bit of an adventure, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Ideally, you should schedule maintenance service at least once every 18 months. For busy homes or commercial establishments, once a year or more is recommended. Sometimes maintaining your garage door is going to require more than a little bit of oil or a quick adjustment. When you need an experienced garage door service and repair company, give Haney Door Service a call. Our experienced technicians will help you get your garage door ready for winter. You can call us at (916) 534-4538 or request a free, on-site estimate online