Four Reasons why Aluminum Garage doors are a Good Investment

Garage doors now come in a wide variety of options. The safety of the garage and hence your home depends mainly on your garage door, so it needs to be solid and sturdy while appealing to the eye. It also needs to be convenient to use and last for years without breaking down. If you want a garage door that meets all the criteria above, nothing can beat aluminum garage doors. Here are the top three reasons why you should invest in modern aluminum garage doors for your homes.

  1.   Secure and Insulated

Aluminum has several superior qualities compared to other materials being used to make garage doors. Unlike steel, the double-skinned slats of aluminum can be filled with foam that helps retain the heat in the garage and repel cold from the outside. This insulation provided by aluminum doors reflects reduced heating bills. This insulation also works for noise, preventing noise from being transmitted through the door. The double-layered slats also strengthen the door, and it is reinforced by the guides used along the door line. Depending on the client’s preference, the guides can be of different sizes. This will ensure the safety of your door against heavy winds and forceful entry.  

  1.   Saves Space

Aluminum is much lighter compared to steel and wood. This means it will also take up much less space in your garage as the operating drum is going to be smaller. This leaves more room for you in your garage. They also make much less noise when opening and closing. They are sturdy provide good protection.  

  1.   Adaptability

Aluminum is a highly adaptable metal. It can be custom designed to fit any style, finish, and size you need. With different-sized slats, doors can be designed for most sizes of doors. You can customize your garage door and include glass fixtures to allow natural night into your garage. You can also choose how to place the aluminum panels and add extra custom features as per the availability.

  1.   Low Maintenance

Aluminum is not easily corroded. With the proper finish, aluminum doors require virtually no maintenance. Since it is not readily corroded or rust, it will stay safe from natural weathering elements such as rain and sun. This type of garage door is especially beneficial for those living in coastal areas since the high humidity can waste other materials. Resistance to corrosion also increases the durability of the door, which is also another reason to invest in Aluminum doors for your garage.

If you think aluminum garage doors are the right fit for your house, contact us to request an estimate on installation. You can also call us to discuss the range of garage door options we offer.