How to Figure Out which Garage Door is Right for You

Most first-time garage door buyers are surprised when they learn that the garage door you pick is a big deal. Garage doors account for a third of the entire exterior of your home, making your garage door one of the most prominent features. Buying a new garage door is a great way to refresh the look of your home and when it comes to upgrading your garage door, the options can seem limitless. Here are some things to consider before purchasing your new garage door:


It is crucial that you check if the garage door you select is offering a warranty. With a warranty, you can have your garage door serviced or replaced if there are any defects within the specified warranty period. 


Haney Door Service has achieved status as a master authorized dealer through Clopay which means we are authorized to offer the Gold Bar warranty. The Gold Bar warranty helps ensure you get the best quality door components and long-term performance by offering you the opportunity to upgrade your hardware and parts warranties on garage doors. You can enjoy your new garage door knowing that its performance and hardware are guaranteed.


For many, the garage door is actually their front door. Many homeowners drive right into their attached garage and enter their home through the service door. It’s always suggested that you buy a new opener for your new garage door because your new garage door may have problems adjusting to your old opener. Your old opener may fail, or maybe simply show signs of aging. It’s easiest to replace both at the same time to ensure they’re compatible and will last for a while.

Backup Batteries

After catastrophic wildfires plagued California in the summer of 2018, the Senate passed Bill 969, requiring all residents undergoing a garage door or garage door opener replacement to have a battery backup system. Backup battery capabilities are an essential safety precaution that all homeowners across the country can benefit from having. A battery backup is a new patch for your computer’s operating system, making your garage opener safer during a power outage. It typically supplies extra power for only 24 hours and will lose its charge if used continually. It will save you from the inconvenience of struggling with your garage door manually during a routine power outage, as well as make escape much quicker and easier in an emergency loss of power.  


If you’re interested in learning more, here is an article on everything you need to know about California’s backup battery laws

Curb Appeal

One thing you will have to consider is the finish you will add to the garage door. This can be a wood finish or a simple paint job. As a general rule, the color of your garage door should complement the rest of the home’s facade to create one cohesive look. Your garage door should either match the color of your home or be a lighter hue, such as white. Keep in mind that certain garage door styles go with certain architectural styles. For example, modern architecture typically goes well with full-view doors.


When you’re selecting a new garage door, it’s crucial to account for how your home will look with the new door installed. On our website, we offer a Garage Door Imagination System to help you visualize how your door of choice would look on your home.


Depending on your preference you may want to consider windows on your garage doors. Windows add character and a sense of welcoming to homes that you cannot get with a garage door without windows. It also allows natural light to get into the garage.


If you want to control some of the effects of the opening and closing of the door, you should consider insulation. Insulated garage doors can be a valuable asset to improving your home’s energy efficiency. If you have a garage attached to your home, an insulated garage door can act as a barrier, keeping the air-conditioned air inside and making sure the heat stays out of your home. 

Choosing the Right Material

Don’t make the mistake of believing some garage door materials are better than others. When it comes to selecting the material for your door, you ultimately need to consider what looks best with the architecture of your home, the budget you have to work with, and your willingness to maintain that door over time.

Steel Garage Doors

You should consider picking an insulated model made of durable, low-maintenance material like steel. This way you can enjoy the benefits of a new garage door without needing to worry about maintenance as much. There is a wide range of steel doors on the market today — some excellent options, as well as some cheaper, lower-quality choices. Steel doors offer a foam core with a steel exterior that manufacturers can top off with cladding and overlay materials designed to mimic the look of natural wood. Many people love these doors because they offer the beauty of a natural wood door without the ongoing maintenance requirements. 

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum doors have a reputation for their sleek, modern look. Many also come with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, which let a lot of natural light into the garage. These doors also resist rust and corrosion, so they hold up well in moist climates and require very little maintenance over the years. Aluminum doors also have a reputation for denting easily and are susceptible to hail and flying debris so if you live in an area known for damaging winds or hail, exercise caution if you opt for an aluminum door.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are beautiful, strong, and available in a wide variety of designs and hues. If your home is in an area prone to a lot of rain or snow, wood doors can be more challenging to maintain because they become warped or bowed when they get exposed to a lot of moisture. make sure you mentally prepare for the work it will take to keep it looking beautiful. If you aren’t able or willing to keep up with the maintenance it will need, your beautiful door will eventually turn into a neighborhood eyesore.


As a homeowner, finding the perfect garage door means combining aesthetics, and function. Selecting the right garage door can increase energy efficiency and improve the overall look and appeal of your property, ultimately boosting your home’s resale value. If you need assistance choosing a residential or commercial garage door, it’s time to call Haney Door Service. Our representative will provide you with sample materials and product catalogs to help guide you in the right direction. If you’re interested in a free estimate with Haney Door Service you can schedule an appointment through our website by clicking here.