Should You Replace Your Panel or Your Entire Garage Door?

Garage doors experience a lot of wear and tear during their lifetime. Typically, when a garage door panel breaks, you have two options; to repair it or to replace it. However, is that wiser than replacing the entire door? If only a couple of panels have been damaged it will probably be more cost-effective to just replace the garage door panels. Replacing only the panels on a garage door can be performed if they’re the only faulty component but if the panel is damaged, it might mean the corresponding parts may have been compromised. Which option you decide to pursue will depend on several factors:

The Age of the Door

If your garage door is more than twenty years old, it has probably given you its best years by now and the best option, in the repair or replace decision, is usually to replace the entire garage door. If your door is relatively new, between five and ten years, then you should consider repairing the individual panel.

The Extent of the Damage

This will be another major consideration in deciding whether to repair or replace the panel. For a small level of damage from a light impact or from minor debris, a little filler and some paint might be all you need. However, if you backed your car into the garage or there was a big storm that did severe damage, the damage will probably extend beyond a small dent.

Replacing Individual Panels

If the rest of your garage door is in good condition then you can replace multiple garage door panels. If one of the exterior panels is worn or damaged, replacing the item might be enough to maintain the door’s functionality and aesthetics. You’ll want to make sure the rest of the garage door is in good condition, though. If the door has not been maintained well then it might make sense to replace the entire garage door. 

Replacing the Entire Door

In most situations, if there are multiple panels damaged it makes more sense to have the entire garage door replaced. Some garage doors are beyond repair, and replacing only the panels won’t cut it. The springs may have worn out and no longer have the strength necessary for day-to-day functioning. Other issues, such as dents, deep scratches, and warping, may have also taken a massive toll on the door, heightening the need for a replacement. 

Before you decide whether to repair or replace your damaged external door panel, get in touch with our team at Haney Door Service. With years of experience in the garage door industry, we will be able to give you the advice that you need to make the best decision for your garage door. You can reach us at (916) 534-4538 or by requesting a free, on-site estimate through our website.